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Okinawa Ryuei Ryu Karate Kobudo Organization

Tomohiro Arashiro
Kyoshi 8th Dan
Pan-American Chief Instructor

In 1979, Tomohiro Arashiro, along with his kohai, Tsutomu Kuniyoshi, brought Ryuei Ryu to the United States of America. Tomohiro Arashiro is the current Pan-American Chief instructor and oversees Ryuei Ryu in the Americas.


As a young teenager, Tomohiro Arashiro started his training with his best friend, Takeshi Matsuda, as the first students outside of the Nakaima family. Eventually, Tomohiro moved to Nagoya to attend the University. While at the university he trained with the Karate Club as well as lead the club as the team captain. Now, there are over 13 Ryuei Ryu dojos in the Americas.

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